Read my thoughts and real-talk about motherhood, bullying and everything from social media to bad drivers.

I believe you and I are enough and that we are beautiful just the way we are, but it wasn’t always that way.

In my other, not-so-secret, life I write erotic romance books full of swear words and super hot sex.


Hello! I’m Paige, a writer living in Utah with my husband, toddler Mason, baby boy Logan and pug Willy. I’m a mom, wife, author, procrastinator, sports fan, list-maker, food lover, car-singer, and most of all a work in progress. I am a huge believer in body positivity, loving yourself and celebrating our differences, because it’s our differences that make the world beautiful.

When I'm not writing or working you can find me dancing and singing in the kitchen with my toddler, hanging out with family and friends, or reading. I am a lover of cooking, watching football, naps, ice cream, pumpkin treats, and online shopping.

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