I’m Paige, a writer living in Utah with my husband, toddler Mason and pug Willy. I’ve been a writer nearly my whole life. My grandma told me that after I would visit as a little girl she would find half written stories on scraps of paper all over the house. My love for writing led me to pursue a career in journalism where I covered everything from sports to crime and courts. I loved being a reporter, writing every day and telling stories, but didn't love the late nights and stressful deadlines, so I tweaked my career path and now work as a communications specialist in Salt Lake City. I’ve wanted to publish a book for as long as I can remember and I’m so excited to have finally made the dream into a reality. 

I wrote my first full-length novel, The Fantasy Effect, in my spare time, mostly late at night after my baby went to bed, and am currently working on my next novel, Power Struggle, a steamy romance based on the characters Olivia and Jameson from my short story, Like a Man. You can find links to it below.  

When I'm not writing or working you can find me dancing and singing in the kitchen with my toddler, working out, hanging out with family or sleeping. I am a lover of cooking, watching football, naps, ice cream, pumpkin treats, snuggling my pug and making lists.

Like a Man was published in this collection of erotic short stories. You can get it for free using the links below. 


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