Am I A Hypocrite?

Something has been bothering me since I started this blog two weeks ago. Here I am preaching (or planning to preach) about body positivity and loving yourself exactly the way you are, while at the same time actively trying to change my body. Does that make my message mean less? Am I going to seem disingenuous if I post transformation photos on my Instagram page in a few months?

I’ve wondered and worried about people thinking I’m a fraud. Does it make me a hypocrite to be focused on sharing this message of self-love and body acceptance AND changing the way my body looks?

After much self-reflection and reading a few posts from fellow body positivity advocates, I decided it does not. Body positivity doesn’t have to mean never wanting to change your body. It also doesn’t have to mean completely “letting yourself go.”

Body positivity is about loving yourself in the in-between, not waiting for some magical number on the scale or jean size to love yourself. It is about loving and appreciating your body right now and along every step of the way. It is not about comparing yourself to others but about giving yourself grace and finding happiness.

I can honestly say I am at peace with my body right now. It helped me bring another amazing little boy into this world six months ago, helped me heal quicker and more smoothly from a C-section than I could’ve ever imagined, and it continues to allow me to do the things I love every single day.

I’m part of a health and fitness group, and we were challenged to complete a body timeline this month where we write down all the trauma our bodies have gone through in our lifetime. Mine has all the things my body has supported me through, from multiple surgeries for kidney/urinary tract issues I was born with, to a broken arm, to birthing two babies (one all natural and one C-section), to various minor injuries and illnesses along the way. When I look back and see all the things my body has been through, some of them self-inflicted, I can’t help but be grateful and appreciative.

I’m on a mission to become the best version of myself, and that includes doing yoga more, drinking more water, and fitting into the closet full of pre-pregnancy clothes hanging in my bedroom; I’m just not waiting until I get there to love myself.