New Year, Same Me

I had planned this post out weeks ago, but then never got around to writing and when today rolled around I had almost talked myself out of it because nobody really cares about my new years resolutions. Then I scrolled through Instagram and immediately saw multiple posts about the new year and weight loss goals and diets and fitness plans and going all in in 2019.

This is the first time in as long as I can remember that I won’t be making a new year’s resolution that involves weight loss as the result. It’s funny because exactly four-years ago I wrote a post titled New Year, New Me that was ALL about eating less and working out more and losing weight. If those are your goals go for it, but this year they aren’t mine. I don’t want to be a new me, because the current me is pretty damn awesome if I say so myself. I don’t want to stress myself out and hate myself every time the scale doesn’t show progress in 2019.

In 2019 I want to be more present with the people I love. That means putting down the phone and logging less and less screen time. I want to write more, on this blog and creating books. I want to do more yoga because I love the way it makes my body and my mind feel. I want to drink more water because being hydrated makes everything better (for real though, I now feel like crap when I don’t drink enough water). I want to eat more vegetables and less of the stuff that makes me feel sluggish and sick. I want to read more books, try new foods, travel more places, spend more time with babies, worry less and laugh more.

I’m not setting a weight loss goal for my 2019 resolutions because I don’t have to. For along time I felt like as an overweight person a desire to completely change my body was a requirement for new year’s resolutions. If you’re fat then naturally you should want to be skinny, and you should focus all your efforts on getting there. Yeah, no thanks. I have way more important things to focus all my energy on. If I happen to lose weight as a side effect of healthier habits than so be it, but this year I’m worried more about how my body feels rather than how it looks. More about how food makes me feel rather than how many calories it has in it. More about moving my body out of love rather than for punishment, because there is more to life than how much I weigh.

This year I want to focus on continuing to love and accept my body, while also taking better care of it. This year I want to focus on tuning in and listening to what my body has to say. I want to focus on harnessing the power and energy I have inside me and doing something amazing with it.