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6 Ways I Got Rid of Mom Guilt and You Can Too

It seems like being a mom naturally comes with a heaping side of guilt. Guilt about everything from what we feed our babies to leaving them with a babysitter to teaching them how to swear at bad drivers when they are still in diapers. Posts about mom guilt show up all over social media, and in this digital world there are constant reminders that we could be doing better. But why do we all get sucked into the lie of believing guilt naturally comes with being a mom?

How Motherhood Changed Me: Part 2

I’d like to think I was worried about issues like bullying and social media use and how we are perpetuating bias and prejudice without even realizing it before I had kids, but that would be, at best, stretching the truth. Before I had a tiny human following me around and listening to everything I said I put little thought into how the things I said or did, especially online impacted anyone but me.

It's Okay Not To Be Okay

My baby is now seven-months old and I recently decided I felt good enough to start weaning off my antidepressants, and when all those feelings of irritability, sadness, exhaustion and hatred for everything came rushing back I felt like a failure. I refilled my prescription and cried. I should be over this by now, I have nothing to be depressed about, I thought.

I Am Here

Everything in my life, all the struggles and hard times, all the happy days and accomplishments, all the failures and tears have led me right here, to this point in life where I’m ready to share my story, to be vulnerable and open, and hopefully, make a positive impact on the world.