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This space is dedicated to body positivity and acceptance, self-love, and the long journey I’ve taken to finally come to peace with my body. Here you’ll find all my blog posts about body positivity, resources that have helped me, and people I love who share messages I believe in. Check back often for new updates!


I keep talking about how important body positivity is to me, but what does that really mean? To me it encompasses a whole host of different ideas including self-love, self-worth, confidence, self-esteem, compassion and grace for not only my own body but others as well. The idea that there is not one definition of beauty and we should stop trying to force each other into boxes that that vast majority of the population will never fit in (pun totally intended). It is an idea that we all deserve the right to be here in the body we were given without judgement, shame, hatred and bullying from ourselves or others. That we deserve to eat and enjoy food and move our bodies in ways that feel good to us without it being about weight loss.

Body positivity is not giving up a healthy lifestyle and “letting myself go” but instead loving myself right now and through every part of life, not waiting for some elusive number on the scale to be happy. Body positivity is not being 100 percent happy with your body every minute of every day, but working towards a space where there are far more positive thoughts than negative ones. It is moving towards a society where body shaming of any kind, bullying and judgement are no longer the norm. It means respect, compassion and a space in the world for all bodies, especially your own.

people I love

A big part of my journey has been following people who are sharing positive, all-inclusive messages about body image and self-worth. I want to share those amazing people with you and since Instagram is my favorite form of social media you can find all of these lovely people on Instagram.

· Allie: @allisonkimmey

· Any BODY: @any.body_co

· Ashton Barrett: @thathappyhealthylife

· Beauty Redefined: @beauty_redefined

· Christy Harrison: @chr1styharrison

· Cori Baker: @cori_fit

· Heidi & Natalie: @butteryourmacros

· Healthy is the New Skinny: @healthyisthenewskinny

· Jessi: @jessijeannn

· Kate Wasley: @katewas_

· Michelle Elman: @scarrednotscared

I’ll add to this list as I find other awesome people you need to know about! Like me, this page is a work in progress and I’d love to include content that you find useful and uplifting.

Check out my blog to get real, inspiring stories to help on your journey through body image, self-esteem, motherhood and much more!


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If there is something missing that you’d love to see, let me know how I can help.

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